viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

The best of two worlds.

The Döttling Gyrowinder is a unique example of the art of engineering from the Maichingen-based safe manufacturer Döttling: the extremely precise instrument makes it possible for the first time to turn the watch in any direction – including a 360° turn – which comes closest to wearing the watch on the wrist.
This alone makes the Gyrowinder stand out conspicuously from conventional watch winders, which turn a watch only on a fixed axis, either from left to right or from right to left.

Furthermore, what makes the Gyrowinder so unique is its large array of adjustment options. Since all watches have a different weight, for instance, the unit is shipped with a set of counterweights – comparable to an antique scale – which makes it possible to balance any watch individually.
Prior to that, the optimum position of the Gyrowinder is set using an integrated spirit level as well as three adjustable feet.

Visually the Gyrowinder is reminiscent of the rich tradition of nautical navigation instruments with their gimbal mounts and their absolutely exquisite materials, which are made for eternity.
The source of inspiration for the Gyrowinder, however, has precious little to do with seafaring romanticism.

After all, the idea occurred to Markus Döttling during a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. To be more precise, after testing a piece of training equipment for prospective astronauts.

Its mechanism was replicated in the Gyrowinder. In this sense we could say that, under its hand-blown crystal glass cover, the Gyrowinder combines the best of two worlds.
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